Tuesday, April 12, 2011

5"x7" Pencil Portrait Drawn From Photo $50

Our first deal is a great gift idea with Mother's Day coming up! A custom 5"x7" pencil drawing from a photo. The picture below is just an example. You'll like yours even better, because it will be someone special to you!

5"x7" graphite pencil portrait of a child ages birth to 12 (as appearing in reference photo). Drawn by published portrait artist Darla Dixon.

Portrait is drawn from a photograph you provide that is used for art reference only & returned to you with the original artwork. 

$50 + $10 Shipping and Handling = $60 total

For more information and some art samples, visit http://pencil-portrait-drawing-artist.com/ or email darla.dixon@gmail.com.

EXPIRES May 5, 2011

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